For bit of time each day, she finds a quiet space, closes her eyes, and slips away. With many options for escape, her soul chooses its right path.

In this day’s place of solitude, it is mostly dark and void of life. Pitch black surrounds her as she calmly stands facing a wall with two shelves. The inch-thick shelves stretch away to her right and left, farther than she can see in either direction. They are lighted from the top and beneath, the exact source of light nearly imperceptible and the color of the ocean: a salty pale blue and slightly iridescent. The first shelf is shoulder high. Two feet separates it from the shelf above it; both are a foot front-to-back, with a sliding glass door between them and another reaching to the floor. Behind the glass is empty space, a place of rest and refuge for the mind and body. A place to recharge.

She walks forward, towards the shelves, and trustingly turns around. With her back to them, she waits for only a moment as her head begins to unscrew itself from her body. It’s turned a few rotations and is off. It is set onto the shelf, facing out from the wall, towards the headless body. The glass door slides closed.

Her body then steps backward and stops, its back resting against the wall, just beneath her head as usual, with a shelf now in-between. A glass door in front of the body also slides closed. The head and the body connect to the wall behind them for stability, seeking sustenance, rejuvenation.

The process starts. The top and bottom glass-doored chambers slowly fill with a soft, swirling liquid, its color the ethereal blue of the shelves. The rolling fluid moves around as if in a whirlpool, and is soon accompanied by a pressured spray shooting from a spout that sweeps steadily back and forth behind the head and the body, spraying right through like a pressure washer, ridding her of all debris and junk lodged within the corporeal self from the doldrums of daily life. Negative and stressful thoughts, the poisons of the mind. Toxins soaked into the body from physical and mental consumption. The spray, together with the rising liquid, purges the mind and body of the muck that builds up inside, like a city of sky-scrapers gradually coated by pollution must be treated.

The pressured liquid sprays right and left, up and down, shooting directly through her skin, her organs, her eyes and chest. Flowing through them; no physical restraints prohibit its progress. The refuse of daily life, tucked tightly away within her, is dislodged. Stress, anger, fear, insecurity, judgement and pain all leaves her. The waste falls out and off her in chunks, into the swirling liquid. It’s carried away, never to be seen again. Likewise, the toxins of her body are forced out and pushed away, temporarily swirling around her, unable to re-enter.

She witnesses the blocks of negativity, which have built up like fatty tissue, being pushed off the places it has clung to and flung outward. The soothing liquid gently cleanses her inner-self, removing all unnatural influences.

After some time, the chambers are drained. She is freed; she is cleaned out. A blank slate remains. Calmness slips in, and potential lives again. Peace re-enters; happiness, joy, and love capitalize on the vacancy, filling her up once more.

Her mind and body are released and reunited. The cycle is reset.

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