A car ride; a short trip to the airport. What an awesome vacation. He had been complaining about the awkwardness of his bag on the trip there: the thick strap, slung across his shoulder while his arms circled the weight of it across his front. Anyone who’s done it knows how much it sucks not to have roller luggage while traveling. He doesn’t travel often enough to remember, and so ends up with frustration in the form of a bag, slung on his back. It’s enough to make one pissy, and while they traveled, he was – a snappy sort of pissy.

During the trip, there was no need for the bag. Once they arrived, it was dumped onto the floor of the decadent hotel room, it’s cotton and polyester guts pulled out each day, only to be re-stuffed just before the journey home. The view from the closet, though it included stylish black and white wallpaper shapes evenly patterned across it, was surely pretty boring for the bag. It’s owner, though, was having a blast 40 floors below.

In that place, the bag’s owners get to feel like children and are treated like adults. All they want at their fingertips. They are best friends, and they know what the other likes. They spent the whole time in the same big place, there was so much to do. Wandering around together, exploring. This new place to eat, this new thing to do and see. The desert sun was out; it was hot outside, but inside all was cool. Cool as ice, cool as the statement chandelier in the middle of the place. All the people walking around, so many different types, a diversity only found there. Nice looking people, scantily clad people. Business men, women in heels. Fragranced scents rolling through the atmosphere, clean and inviting.

All the while, his bag awaited its return debut when they were done frolicking. And, as predicted, on the last day, it was packed back up, stuffed to the gills, it’s liquid contents properly packed away in the quart size bag with the three-ounce containers. It once again donned the shoulders of its owner, and off they went from that beautiful hotel in a cab. The place is one that is full of high-rollers and fancy things. Certainly, luxury baggage had been in this cab once or twice.

As they pulled up to the airport, he was on the phone. While he continued the conversation while paying from the backseat, she got out to await the exit of the luggage from the trunk. The cabbie hopped out of the car and ran around to the back, picked up her bag with rollers and set it at her feet. “Thank you,” she said, taking the handle and looking around, distracted.

The small, aging cabbie bent down to grab the second bag, the black duffle with the thick strap. She noticed he was inspecting it, running his hand all over it, a confused look beginning to take over his face. He stood close and looked up at her, asking in confusion, “No wheels?” She shook her head, a smile forming. “No.” In that moment their eyes caught each other’s and they both broke out into a quick, spontaneous, hard giggle. Pure joy – it’s inspiration generated so naturally.

Accompanying the giggle were her memories of all the complaints from the trip there and the sure-to-be complaints on the trip home. She thought in those few seconds about the expensive luggage the cabbie had surely dealt with before. And it was all so quickly deliciously funny. The two strangers felt it, similar silly thoughts flitting through their minds at the same time. Then it was over; he set the bag down and turn around, got back into the cab and drove off. She was filled with a lovely little pocket of warmth, as he bent down to lift the strap of his bag, still on the phone.

Laughing innocuously with the stranger, spontaneously, at her loved one’s expense…delicious. Even a trip so exciting, a memory like that just doesn’t form every day.

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