Welcome to my blog, The Adventures of She. This is my first blog and first attempt at getting my writing “out there.” I completely welcome your feedback and know that the more I hear from you, the better I will write.

This blog came about by way of an unrelenting need to write that’s been festering for most of my life. Somehow I have finally reached a place that allows me to express this need, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never been happier.

I’m a private person, however, so writing nonfiction (which is my natural form of expression) meant that I would have to find a perspective that could set me free. This is how writing from “her” perspective came about. Don’t ask me why it is any different for me than writing in the first person; I’m afraid I won’t have a satisfying answer. But, let me try: It’s sort of like wearing a mask that everyone can see through. So, there you go.